Skills and Experiences
I have excellent skills and experiences as a researcher and analyst:

21 years as a technical information research specialist and analyst for
the Department of Defense
A Master's Degree in Chemistry
A Master's Degree in Business Administration
Certified Management Accountant
Certified Public Accountant
A member of the American Chemical Society
here to view a YouTube video on what an independent information professional is.
5 years experience working as a laboratory technologist
Hello, my name is Richard Torian and I conduct research and analysis to
answer questions about the chemical enterprise.   
With degrees and experience in chemistry, plus a Master of Business Administration degree and
accounting certifications, I bring specialized technical and business knowledge and research skills
to the information research project.  Because of these specialized skills, I am able to successfully
interpret and understand requests, recognize the correct information that responds to the
requests, and then provide the needed analysis.

Combined with these specialized skills is a 21-year career as a technical information analyst for the
Department of Defense.  From this 21-year career, I gained a good capability in searching for and
handling large amounts of information, filtering out the non-relevant, and writing up excellent,
summarized responses to answer what is being sought.